Positions available!

5/18/15 — Congratulations to Jenny Lin, winner of a BSD Harper fellowship to support her research!

4/9/15 — Congratulations to postdoc Guillaume Lambert, who's accepted a faculty position at Cornell AEP!

3/25/15 — Welcome rotation student UnJin Lee to the lab!

3/21/15 — Congratulations to Mike for winning the 2015 Tiki Tournament!

12/6/14 — We've received a Big Ideas Generator award to study how biological oscillators evolve!

9/2/5/14 — Read our new paper about how phosphorylation in a ring makes a sharp switch in the clock

8/7/14 — Read our new paper on the coupling between glycogen metabolism and the clock

6/30/14 — Welcome international summer student Xiao Haotian to the lab!

6/24/14 — Mike is named a 2014 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences!

6/23/14 — Welcome Lab School student Jane Maunsell to the lab for the summer!

5/21/14 — Jenny and Gopal are presenting posters tomorrow at the Chicago Symposium on Cell Signaling!

3/28/14 — Congratulations to Guillaume for winning a Chicago Biomedical Consortium grant to fund our deep sequencing projects!

3/24/14 — Read our review about the cyanobacterial clock and metabolism in Current Opinion in Microbiology.

10/24/13 — Welcome MD-PhD student Justin Chew to the lab!

10/1/13 — We've just been awarded an NIH R01 grant to study circadian clocks and metabolism!

7/26/13 — Welcome graduate student Eugene Leypunskiy to the lab!

6/10/13 — Welcome REU student Kevin Zhang to the lab!

12/31/12 — Read our new paper in PNAS about the role of the two KaiC domains in generating rhythms with the correct period.

12/19/12 — Check out the lab's Instagram collection, featuring KaiC Christmas ornaments.

10/8/12 — Read Mike's commentary in PNAS on the two KaiC catalytic domains.

9/1/12 — Welcome postdoctoral fellow Guillaume Lambert to the lab!

4/24/12 — Congratulations to Guillaume Lambert for receiving a Chicago Fellowship.

4/16/12 — Congratulations to Uday for winning a Katen Scholarship.

12/7/11 — Welcome undergrad Uday Chockanathan to the lab!

11/25/11 — Michael Rust is awarded a CCSB Pilot grant.

10/1/11 — Welcome BMB grad student Jenny Lin!

9/1/11 — Welcome postdoc Gopal Pattanayak!

8/1/11 — Our work was highlighted in the August issue of Nature Reviews Microbiology.

6/30/11 — Welcome MGCB grad student Connie Phong!

6/24/11 — Welcome REU student Sica Jensen!

4/6/11 — Michael Rust named a 2011 Pritzker Scholar

2/16/11 — Our recent work was highlighted in Nature Reviews Microbiology.

2/7/11 — Welcome lab tech Crystal Wilhoite!

1/14/11 — See our new paper in Science about circadian clocks and energy metabolism here!

9/20/10 — Rust lab webpage goes online!

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