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6/14/23 — Our web page has been rebooted!

4/17/23 — Congrats to Dr. Soo Ji Kim for successfully defending her PhD!

1/3/20 — Welcome CMB student Annisa Dea who's doing a rotation this quarter!

12/12/19 — Congratulations to Diane and Steven for both passing their qualifying exams!

11/27/19 — Read the paper from our collaboration with Arvind Murugan's lab showing how metabolic feedback loops in clocks can act like Kalman filters to adjust to different environments.

10/15/19 — We've received a generous gift from the Haselkorn family to study pattern formation during differentiation in Anabaena! We're very excited to develop some new assays in this system!

8/15/19 — Welcome BMB student Lily Burton to the lab!

6/1/19 — Janet Kang has won a BSCD Fellowship to work on the creation of oscillating polymer networks over the summer!

5/30/19 — Welcome Biophysics student Steven Wasserman to the lab!

5/17/19 — Biophysics student Diane Schnitkey has joined the lab!

12/4/18 — Read Lu's new paper in PNAS using molecular dynamics to study the catalytic cycle in KaiC. We show how KaiA can act as a nucleotide exchange factor by destabilizng the KaiC subunit interfaces.

11/27/18 — Yi's paper featured on the cover of Cell Systems:

11/15/18 — Read our new paper in Current Biology about studying rhythms in human behavior and detecting social jet lag using Twitter! UChicago press release here. Read the NOVA story on this paper here.

11/8/18 — Yi's new paper is out at Cell Systems showing that the Min oscillator patterns asymmetric divisions when bacterial cells are stressed. Read the press release here!

9/1/18 — Welcome BMB student Soo Ji Kim to the lab!

8/3/18 — Justin's new paper describing how bacteria keep time when they have a limited number of clock proteins is out in Nature Communications! Read the press release here!

7/10/18 — Read our new paper with Arvind Murugan's group describing a fundamental trade-off in biological clocks balancing internal vs. external noise resistance

6/9/18 — Congratulations to Dr. Eugene Leypunskiy who just defended his Ph.D.

9/20/17 — Read Eugene's new paper on the ability of the bacterial clock proteins to track the midpoint of the day.

8/18/17 — Congratulations Dr. Justin Chew who just defended his Ph.D. and is headed back to med school!

6/7/17 — Welcome physics undergrad Margaret Lazarovits to the lab!

1/9/17 — Congrats to Justin Chew for receiving an F30 fellowship to support his work on noise in circadian clocks

9/1/16 — Welcome biophysics student Lu Hong to the lab!

8/23/16 — Read our new paper using live-cell microscopy to follow growth, division, and survival of cyanobacteria in fluctuating environments—what good is a circadian rhythm anyway?

6/24/16 — Mike is given a BSD distinguished investigator award!

6/13/16 — Welcome Summer REU student Ryan Borchert to the lab!

6/10/16 — Congrats to Dr. Connie Phong for successfully defending her PhD!

6/6/16 — Congrats to Dr. Jenny Lin for successfully defending her PhD!

6/1/16 — Daniel Beaglehole has received a BSCD Summer fellowship to support his work in the lab!

5/2/16 — We've received a CBC Catalyst award to support our collaboration with Ravi Allada at Northwestern!.

4/3/16 — Our work on rewiring the metabolic inputs to the cyanobacterial clock was featured in The Scientist. Read the article here!

3/23/16 — Read Guillaume's new paper on bioRxiv! We used quantitative microscopy to track single bacterial cells over several days as we switched the environment between day and night. We discovered two important things: the circadian clock switches cells between a fast-growing and slow-growing state, and the slow-growing state protects cells from nightfall. A key role of the clock is tell the cell when to start preparing for the night.

12/10/15 — Our latest story is out in Cell Reports! When cyanobacteria are engineered to eat sugar, the clock will ignore darkness and synchronize to feeding rhythms.

9/23/15 — Read our short Perspective in Cell Systems about computing input-output functions with enzymes (commentary on Savir et al.)

8/21/15 — Welcome postdoc Yi Liao to the lab!

6/24/15 — Read our new paper in Science with Andy LiWang's lab about the discovery of the active fold of KaiB! Then read the new paper from the Akiyama Lab with crystal structures of the CI domain of KaiC!

6/22/15 — Welcome rotation student Catherine Wu to the lab!

6/15/15 — We've won a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Research Corporation to build dynamically contractile protein networks. This project is in collaboration with the Ross Lab and the Anderson Lab.

5/18/15 — Congratulations to Jenny Lin, winner of a BSD Harper fellowship to support her research!

4/9/15 — Congratulations to postdoc Guillaume Lambert, who's accepted a faculty position at Cornell AEP!

3/25/15 — Welcome rotation student UnJin Lee to the lab!

3/21/15 — Congratulations to Mike for winning the 2015 Tiki Tournament!

12/6/14 — We've received a Big Ideas Generator award to study how biological oscillators evolve!

9/2/5/14 — Read our new paper about how phosphorylation in a ring makes a sharp switch in the clock

8/7/14 — Read our new paper on the coupling between glycogen metabolism and the clock

6/30/14 — Welcome international summer student Xiao Haotian to the lab!

6/24/14 — Mike is named a 2014 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences!

6/23/14 — Welcome Lab School student Jane Maunsell to the lab for the summer!

5/21/14 — Jenny and Gopal are presenting posters tomorrow at the Chicago Symposium on Cell Signaling!

3/28/14 — Congratulations to Guillaume for winning a Chicago Biomedical Consortium grant to fund our deep sequencing projects!

3/24/14 — Read our review about the cyanobacterial clock and metabolism in Current Opinion in Microbiology.

10/24/13 — Welcome MD-PhD student Justin Chew to the lab!

10/1/13 — We've just been awarded an NIH R01 grant to study circadian clocks and metabolism!

7/26/13 — Welcome graduate student Eugene Leypunskiy to the lab!

6/10/13 — Welcome REU student Kevin Zhang to the lab!

12/31/12 — Read our new paper in PNAS about the role of the two KaiC domains in generating rhythms with the correct period.

12/19/12 — Check out the lab's Instagram collection, featuring KaiC Christmas ornaments.

10/8/12 — Read Mike's commentary in PNAS on the two KaiC catalytic domains.

9/1/12 — Welcome postdoctoral fellow Guillaume Lambert to the lab!

4/24/12 — Congratulations to Guillaume Lambert for receiving a Chicago Fellowship.

4/16/12 — Congratulations to Uday for winning a Katen Scholarship.

12/7/11 — Welcome undergrad Uday Chockanathan to the lab!

11/25/11 — Michael Rust is awarded a CCSB Pilot grant.

10/1/11 — Welcome BMB grad student Jenny Lin!

9/1/11 — Welcome postdoc Gopal Pattanayak!

8/1/11 — Our work was highlighted in the August issue of Nature Reviews Microbiology.

6/30/11 — Welcome MGCB grad student Connie Phong!

6/24/11 — Welcome REU student Sica Jensen!

4/6/11 — Michael Rust named a 2011 Pritzker Scholar

2/16/11 — Our recent work was highlighted in Nature Reviews Microbiology.

2/7/11 — Welcome lab tech Crystal Wilhoite!

1/14/11 — See our new paper in Science about circadian clocks and energy metabolism here!

9/20/10 — Rust lab webpage goes online!

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